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MISC: Ideas are dangerous things...

jill's pic of mah figs
Photo courtesy of Jill from Eye Level Pasadena, who organized the whole bloggers' picnic thing.  Jill = Love.

So I recently went to a local blogger's picnic here in Pasadena. Had a great time chatting it up with my fellow blogophiles and enjoying some of the fruits of that gathering -- I brought figs and grapes from the market, Miss Havisham brought her now famous deviled eggs, and Robin Salzer of Robin's fame brought short ribs, baby backs, and trip-tip. I'm drooling just remembering it.  Thanks to Gena from Out on the Stoop for the wet naps -- they saved my skirt from becoming an impromptu napkin.

I conversed with a few people about the figs, explaining the difference between the two types and talking about general fig info (KCRW's Good Food had a great interview that morning with a local fig grower that helped augment my own meager knowledge). And in passing, someone said, "Hey, you should do a market tour."

And the sick part is I'm actually thinking about doing it. To do it right, I'd have to bone up on my growers and get a little more savvy on some of the obscurer heirlooms. But it'd be doable. And more importantly, I think it might actually be fun.

Of course I have all this extra free time in which to craft this phenomenal feat.  Who wants to come?
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